Survey Results - Why DON'T you go to events?

In these survey results we asked just over 300 people within Rotorua about why they DON’T go to events. Some results were expected with cost and time being a barrier. In the full report it includes

  1. What are the biggest barriers that might restrict you from attending an event locally?
  2. Have you recently known about an event locally that you wanted to go to, but you didn’t? & why didn’t you go?
  3. What is the best time of year for you to attend events
  4. What is the best way for us to reach you to tell you about an event?
  5. If cost is a barrier, what would you be prepared to spend on a ticket to an event locally per adult?
  6. What type of events are you interested in?
  7. Would you attend an event on your own?

And information about the demographics of those we surveyed.