The team at The Organiser are organisers too, which is why they understand the challenges people face in creating, planning and delivering events. No matter how big or small, long or short, they all take hard work and a lot of effort to make happen.

In 2021, The Organiser was launched to provide people with easy access to others who can help; to provide up to date information and event news; to highlight inspiring people and ideas; and to offer easy to use templates and planning tools.

Beginning its journey in the Bay of Plenty, then moving from region to region across New Zealand, The Organiser will grow into a comprehensive database of people, services and tools, which will help make your event organising experience the best ever.

The team at the Organiser get events. Let them help you to Get Sorted, Get Informed and Get Organised.

The Organiser Team

Woman standing looking into the distance

Tia Smith - An Event Superstar

Ever since she was young, Tia has always loved organising, creating many memorable experiences for her friends and family. So it wasn’t a surprise when she followed her passion and chose a career in event management. During her 15 years as an event organiser, Tia has created, planned and delivered successful events throughout Aotearoa, Australia and the Pacific Islands, giving her a great insight into how events work. Whether it is a small wedding, community event, large music festival or even the Commonwealth Games, Tia gets it, and is always looking for ways in which she can make organising easier and more fun for everyone involved.
Man smiling at the camera in a blue shirt

Martin Croft - An Event Dreamer

Martin loves a good strategy, which is why when offered the opportunity to become the events manager for Rotorua Rotorua he created and delivered on a strategy which was Recognised by the International Festival Events Association for how it supported events in the city.
A highlight for Martin during his thirteen years in the events industry was the 2011 Rugby World Cup, where his love of rugby and events combined to create a festival to remember for the city of Rotorua.