Choosing The Perfect Venue For Your Upcoming Event

Choosing a venue is always an important decision when planning for an upcoming event, whether for an official or informal occasion. The venue sets the tone of the event and should always fit the theme of the occasion, not to mention the budget of the planner. This area of event planning always calls for a venue hire for convenience. In many cases, you will find several places available for hire, depending on the type of the event being organised.

There are certain critical factors that should be kept in mind before hiring a venue for an event. If you are a planner or want to host an event, here are 5 tips to guide you to the perfect venue for an upcoming event.


The importance of the location of the venue to be hired cannot be stressed enough. Location is important for a number of reasons. First, it determines how easy it will be for the attendees to get to the venue. If many people are attending by car, then parking is a crucial consideration, and if you are transporting attendees to the venue, then distance would be a factor of consideration. Look at the attendees and then choose a venue location that would seem appropriate to almost everyone.


Venue hire is often the most expensive part of even planning. Therefore, when planning for the event, allocate a large portion of the budget to it. In most cases, the cost of the venue hire is often the deciding factor, but it is important to maintain a balance for a successful event. 

Avoid overspending on the venue as that would mean curtailing other expenses needlessly. At the same time, do not settle for the lowest priced venue, but first analyse your budget and see the amount you can allocate to the venue. Additionally, look out for additional costs that relate to the venue that you may overlook to ensure that these are discussed with the venue hire company or owner.

Number of attendants

Ensure that the venue is suited to the number of people you expect to attend the event. The selected venue for hire should be large enough so that the guests do not feel overcrowded, but no too big so that they feel overwhelmed or get lost. Importantly, if you are planning for some displays or performances in the event, there should be enough space for all these as well.


When looking for an ideal venue to hire, you should have a list of the facilities you require to successfully host an event. Look for catering facilities, car parking and stage or platform area, among other amenities. These facilities should not only be available, but also well maintained.

If you are looking for a venue hire in Wellington, then these factors should play a big role in your decision to hiring the ideal venue. These factors, together with the event demands and services provided, should guide you to a venue that is suited to your needs. Always visit the venue and check out the facilities in person. Look at the previous events that have been hosted there to have an even better understanding of the place.